5 Most Popular Birthday Flowers to Give in the Summer

Birthdays are looked up to by people, an excitement to celebrate the new you. For a great party you need some planning, and of course something that person likes.

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Birthdays are a special affair, these days are to show yourself some love and care. Birthdays are always special no matter what. To make it even better, surprise your loved ones, friends and family with gifts and flowers. You can go with a bunch of different gifts from affordable to luxurious. Birthdays are looked up to by people, an excitement to celebrate the new you. For a great party you need some planning, and of course something that person likes. From flowers to decor, from food to a day out you have to do a lot of thinking.

Waterville Maine florist is here to help you with a bunch of different gift ideas which are a popular pick-


The foremost pick for birthdays has to be flowers and why not, flowers make you feel special and loved. Flowers are a great option for all, they are versatile and you can definitely find one for the birthday person. You can get Happy birthday flowers in Waterville ME from any waterville florist. Flowers are an amazing gift as well as used for decor and centerpieces. You can get a wide variety of flowers for all seasons. Some flowers that are available throughout are- Roses, Carnations, Asiatic ,Lilies and Orchids. You can go with a mix of these flowers and play around the color scheme for the desired look. Flowers are not just for birthdays you can give flowers for friendship day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries and so much more.

Luxury items

If you have a high budget, you can gift a luxury item to your loved one, it can be anything as per their functionality. You can choose from bags, shoes, jewelry, make up and more. Along with Luxury items you can go with a purple themed bouquet. In this bouquet you will find lavender roses, cysathmus, lavender and some white. The color purple is known to symbolize luxury and wealth so this would go with your gift perfectly.

Obsessed with music

There is so much you can give to a person who loves music, if they like listening to music you can give them Air pods, Headphones and Bluetooth speakers. If they like to play instruments you can get them tickets to a music festival, concert or even buy them a music learning subscription. This would be extremely thoughtful and creative at the same time.

Sustainable items

With the changing times we need to change our ways as well. You can get gifts like reusable collapsible straws, Bamboo cutlery kits, sustainably packaged items like toothpaste tablets and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Make sure to avoid plastic packaging.

Obsessed with tech

If your birthday person is obsessed with technology you can go with Apple/ Digital watches, Digital reading apps, advanced kitchen appliances like an instant pot, hair styling tools and more. Along with this you can get a bunch of flowers like a mix of roses and sunflowers. You can get Summer Flowers Delivery in Waterville ME.

Get flower delivery in Maine with Waterville Maine florist, who are committed to delivering perfectly each time. Call for your birthday gifts in advance and surprise your friends and family.

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