Autumn Flowers and Plants We Know You'll Love

With beautiful autumn hues and textures, these flowers are a perfect way to celebrate the new season.

  • Autumn flowers

The crisp autumn air is upon us and it's time to transition our gardens and flower arrangements. While summer blooms start to fade away, there's an array of autumn flowers and plants that are just waiting to take center stage. With beautiful autumn hues and textures, these flowers are a perfect way to celebrate the new season.

As a long-time florist in Waterville Maine, we've helped countless customers make the changeover to autumn flowers. We know exactly which blossoms and plants make for spectacular autumn flower arrangements and containers. Aster, mum, pansy, flowering kale - these are tried and true picks. And we love discovering unique new options too! Here are some of our favorite flowers and plants for autumn:


Mums really shine in autumn. Their burst of colors like red, orange, purple, and yellow embody the season. We love using mums in all styles of arrangements and autumn flower bouquets. The hearty flowers last for weeks, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Plant mums in pots on your porch to be greeted by their cheerful colors.


Asters are another autumn-blooming flower in an array of lovely hues like pink, blue, purple, and white. We adore their soft, fuzzy appearance and the way small daisy-like petals explode from the center. They're one of our favorite fillers to complement autumn bouquets. Plant asters as part of your autumn garden flowers for waves of late-season charm.

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage

For unique texture and visual interest, you should surely get these from your local Waterville Maine florist! We love the ruffled, colorful leaves of kale and the bold rosette shape of ornamental cabbage. They bring an unexpected, sophisticated look to autumn flower arrangements. Plant ornamental cabbage and kale in containers for a pop of color by your front door.


The cute little faces of pansies bring joy to any autumn display and are perfect autumn flowers for pots! We recommend planting them in pots and gardens for vibrant color all season long. Their sweet little blooms come in a buffet of colors and patterns that give a playful feel. Use pansies as accents in autumn bouquets and wreaths.


The succulent star of autumn is sedum! Also known as stonecrop, these are some of the best flowers to plant in autumn in radiant bursts of pink, purple, coral, and red. We love to pair their lush texture with the bushy form of ornamental grasses in centerpieces and designs. Plant sedum in your fall containers and gardens for weeks of beauty.

The Conclusion

Of course, no discussion of autumn flora is complete without mentioning pumpkins, gourds, and ornamental corn. Add some to your front porch or patio for classic seasonal appeal.

We want to help you celebrate the start of a brand-new season. Waterville Florist & Formal Wear florist’s talented and passionate floral designers are ready to craft stunning autumn flower arrangements and plants to warm your home indoors and out. Reach out today to get flower delivery in Augusta Maine. Surprise a loved one with a seasonal bouquet or treat yourself to a little autumnal charm.

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