Flower Meanings: Seasonal Flowers and Their Symbolism

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Flowers have long held symbolic meanings beyond their beauty. Through noting the context and traits of different flowers, various cultures have assigned significance representing messages, virtues, and themes. This practice was popularized in the Victorian era but has roots extending back centuries. So if you are thinking of getting a symbolic bouquet or gifting one to a friend, here are some common flower symbolism across different cultures and seasons.

Spring flowers and their meanings

Spring is all about new beginnings and rebirth. For the same reason, many flowers that bloom during this time symbolize themes of new life and fertility. So if you are eager to know what flower means hope, here are a few:


These cheerful yellow flowers are believed to represent rebirth or new beginnings. They are one of the earliest spring blooms, making their appearance as winter is transitioning into spring. They signify that warmer days are ahead and nature is restarting its cycle once more.


Closely related to daffodils, tulips also symbolize rebirth and renewal as they emerge from their bulbs in spring. They come in an array of bright colors like red, yellow, pink, and orange too at many Waterville Maine florists ( if you are wondering to get a few). Some colors have additional meanings, for example, red tulips mean perfect love while yellow tulips mean sunshine.


With their fragrant clusters of bell-shaped flowers, hyacinths represent constancy, platonics, or games. Their arrival signals that the cold days are definitely past and more flowers ( like the warm summer days) will soon follow.


Hardy little pansies can survive cooler spring temperatures and their lovely faces add welcoming pops of color. They symbolize loving thoughts and mean "you occupy my thoughts" in the language of flowers. Their cheerful presence reminds us that new life is returning after winter dormancy.


Violets hide modestly in garden beds and woodland edges in early spring and their delicate blooms stand for modesty, humility, and faithfulness. Some folklore associates them with childhood purity. Their sweet fragrance signifies that life is stirring underneath where snow once lay.

Summer flowers and their meanings:

A time for warmth, growth, abundance, and celebration. Summer flowers reflect themes of love, light, and passion in full bloom:


The flower of love, beauty, joy, and appreciation, roses come in a plethora of varieties that burst forth in summer. Red roses mean romantic love or passion while yellow roses symbolize friendship, care, and joy. The White rose flower means hope for the newborn.


Spreading seeds of happiness, sunflowers follow the sun's movements across the sky and bring cheer wherever they grow. Tall, golden sunflowers mean adoration, loyalty, and longevity in relationships. Their vibrant color mirrors the summer season.


With their trumpet-like blooms in shades of white and exotic colors, lilies signify majesty, splendid beauty, and rebirth. Easter lilies especially celebrate renewal and remembrance. They are associated with sacred virtues and peak during festive mid-summer.


Vibrant dahlias dazzle with their poems shaped blooms and represent a commitment to causes, creativity, change, or diversity in botanical gardens across summer. Their intense colors add tropical touches to arrangements.

Tiger Lilies

Wild tiger lilies grace lands with bold orange blooms and symbolize prosperous riches, wealth, and extravagance. Their appearance outdoors signals the warmth and plenty that summer can provide.


Perky daisies have come to signify innocence thanks to their white petals with gold centers that are impossible not to smile at. Their cheerful demeanor cheers up meadows and lawns as summer dances on- perfect for a flower delivery in Winslow ME!

Fall flowers and their meanings

Fall brings expressions of appreciation, gratitude, and memories as another growing season comes to an end. Flowers of this time reflect on what was and look toward what's yet to come:


Often associated with death and grieving, chrysanthemums mean optimism and joy to Chinese and Japanese people. Their hardiness allows them to still provide vibrant wreaths and bouquets late into fall.


Taking center stage around Christmas, bold red poinsettias signify prosperity, success, and resources after harvests. Their timing is perfect to get into a festive spirit.


Representing the sun and summer's end while also warding off illness, cheery marigolds line garden paths right up till frost brings an end to their season. Their gold encourages warmth in changing airs.


Thanks to their persisting blooms, dahlias may still be found flourishing in September and October community garden beds after starting in summer. They continue bearing witness to nature's show and can be easily found at many flower shops in Waterville ME.

Winter flowers and their meanings

Winter signifies a time of stillness, rest, and introspection. Flowers of winter are also the flowers that symbolize hope. They reflect on perseverance through dormancy as well as hope and light during darker days:


Although associated with Christmas, poinsettias' vibrant red blooms can last into early winter if cared for properly. Their festive presence brings cheer.


In the language of flowers, carnations represent fascination and distinction. Their preservative blooms are perfect for winter arrangements and gifts.


Emerging early as winter's first flower that represents hope, delicate snowdrops pushing through last year's foliage also represent consolation during darker times.


Otherwise known as Christmas roses, hellebores flower as early as December and symbolize Christmas cheer or anticipation. Their structure protects inner blossoms from snow and frost.


Forcing paperwhite bulbs to bloom indoors is a way to experience their pure fragrance in winter. Their blooming signifies friendship during cold months.

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