Patriotic Funeral Basket

Patriotic Funeral Basket


Very few among billions are strong and brave enough to take on the act of patriotism. And the death of such courageous beings is a moment of immense regret. Their sacrifice for their motherland is incomparable.This “Patriotic Funeral Basket” allows us to pay our respect to them.

The “Patriotic Funeral Basket” flower arrangement comes with Red Roses, White Roses, White Oriental Lilies, White Gladioli, and Blue Hydrangea placed in a basket.

The Red in this bouquet symbolizes respect, love and courage. White represent spirituality, purity and innocence. And the Blue denotes patriotism. This bouquet packed with extremely meaningful flowers is most suitable for our heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the country.

Since we place the utmost importance on using only fresh and the best quality flowers in all our flower bouquets and floral arrangements, based on availability, the actual product design, colors, varieties, and container may slightly vary from the picture shown above.

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